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We believe that by working in partnership with customers that we build strong relationships and provide unbeatable performance levels. At the core of this process are our service and sales team, a group of skilled product specialists who ensure that customer’s enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently. The proven quality and durability of all our top branded new and refurbished equipment is what makes us the ‘number one’ choice for sporting professionals.

It’s time to cut your business operating expenses wherever you can. The gym fitness equipment you need to buy for your Business is an expense. No different than your computers and telephones.

I know you agree with the above statement. But how do you do it with confidence? How do you cut your operating expenses and still deliver on your promise to your clients? Saving money does you no good if it creates big problems for you next year.

Our Team can advise you on best Fitness business Practices to help you achieve your Needs and Goals.

With 14 years experience providing fitness equipment solutions to sports clubs and Fitness Facilities nationwide.

Our Divisions:

Commercial Gym Equipment Ireland CGEI


Fitness clubs and Facilities Nationwide with New commercial Equipment

Trade Quotations , Drawings Planning And Fitness Market trend Advice ,Layout designs, Industry Insights.

CGEI Service Ireland


Fitness Equipment Servicing , Gym Maintenance Contracts, Customer Support, Gym Parts Ordering and Fitting.

CGEI Gym Installation, Assembly & Gym Relocation Service


Assembly all brands of fitness equipment, Installation of full commercial gym club products and machines , Relocation or removal of your old gym equipment. Transportation logistics handling and professional removal of gym equipment

Exercise Equipment Shop


Current Fitness and Exercise Market leading products to the Irish Residential and Commercial Market.

Customer Support

Always available 6 days a week for helpful fitness product advice even if you purchased equipment from other stores. We can resolve your issues or point you in the right direction.

Our vision is to supply the highest quality gym equipment that can safely reduce your operating expenses.

You must have an adequate supply of commercial gym equipment to satisfy your clients and you need enough fitness machines to handle your busiest hour during the week. Your customers demand professional equipment available when they are ready to exercise.